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7050 XXTREME/64x™ Tabletop Pouch Thermal Transfer Printer

This unique Thermal Printer prints one side/one color copy automatically onto pouches, cards, tags, sleeves, etc.

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7000-HWL Horizontal Wrap Labeler for Tubes and Round Containers

An Automatic Tube Labeler designed for label Plastic, Glass or Metal Tubes while laying horizontally. An integrated top hold-down belt assures a positive label wrap.

17. 7050 TT FPLA

7050-TT-AUTO FPLPA Tabletop Automatic Flat Product Labeler

A versatile automatic Flat Product Label Printer & Applicator


CODITHERM Thermal Transfer Printer

A very unique Thermal Transfer Printer for printing single color directly onto cartons, plastics, metals, leathers, wood, containers, tags, etc.



Tabletop Automatic Flat Product Label applicator

An Automatic P/S Print & Label Applicator for flat cartons, cards, pouches, sleeves, etc.


7050-TT-PTL Tabletop Pop

Tube Labeler

A semi-automatic labeling system for a full range of round and tapered tubes with 1/2" to 6" diameters and virtually any length without the need for costly attachments or modifications.

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975-A/TA-IJ Tabletop Flat Product Ink Jet Coding System

Our Model 975-A/TA Transport equipped with our DOTMARK R Hi-Resolution Ink Jet Coder.

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7050-TT-PTA Tabletop P/S Labeler Printer/Tamp Applicator

An economical semi-automatic Tabletop Flat Product Label Printer & A

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